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Consumers relate to KWBG in a personal way: Our listeners talk about “MY Radio station” and have strong loyalty to the type of news they get from KWBG; and a big part of that is because we offer local news and sports from Boone County that they cannot get from any other source on a daily basis.

Radio, in general, is considered very intimate compared to other media, it is as if the people on the radio are “right there with you.”   We often hear stories from our listeners about how they have coffee with us every day; or, they never start the day without us; and one time, a listener told us that he showers with our morning show team every day….that one goes in the “too much information” file!! The implication is that good radio ads should be more accessible, less flashy, more personal and more honest than ads in other media.  The most effective ads on KWBG are the ones that say it like you mean it.

Radio has demonstrated outstanding listener retention in an increasingly time-starved world. Unprecedented changes in technology and lifestyle have compressed activities into smaller and smaller windows. Consumers are spending less time at the gym, less time with the kids, less time with books; they’re even sleeping less. But listening time has dropped only slightly. That’s because radio is the one medium that is an ideal companion to other activities. People listen while they drive, work out or do the dishes.  So even in a time-compressed world, radio is a great choice.

  • In 2016, 84% of those 18 and older driving a car will be listening to AM/FM radio
  • In 2015, a survey by Pew Research showed a 17% drop in weekly newspaper circulation
  •  Yet, radio’s audience remains stable in 2016, reaching 91% of Americans 12 and over each week.


With KWBG as a part of your advertising plan, you get into the minds of our loyal listeners.  Here’s a description of the “average” Boone County citizen based on information from the 2015 Census Bureau information:

  • Lives in one of Boone County’s 10759 households
  • There’s a 29% chance this person is between 45 and 64; a 31% chance the person is between 18 and 34
  • He or she travels to another county to work (65% of employed Boone County residents are commuters)
  • The average commute time is 21 minutes
  • Median Household income in Boone County is $52,985.00

In addition to providing local information on the radio, KWBG offers our news online. Putting your message on opens the door to over 26,000 page loads per month.  And once on our site, they are viewing an average of 5 pages. Again, because KWBG is known as the daily local news source for Boone County, folks know where to turn for that information.


The focus of KWBG is always on what is important to those who live and work in Boone County. 

Because the radio signal travels well beyond our county’s borders, we travel with those commuters both to and from work.  We’re at the ball games, we’re at the city council meetings, we’re at the big events and our listeners know we’ll report it.  By advertising on KWBG, you get into the hearts and minds of our loyal listeners. We feel that the message of each advertiser needs to presented in a customized way,  and we would like to meet with you to discuss what is best for you.  We charge by the thirty second or sixty-second message.  The most you will pay for a thirty-second ad is $20.55 (net to station). Please call us at 515.432.2046 to schedule an appointment to talk about how KWBG can help Boone County know more about your business!


For a customized quote,  please call Carol at 515.432.2046.

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