Ogden Man Convicted of Domestic Assault and Child Endangerment Charges

Posted on 10 November 2016 by KWBG

BOONE, Iowa—A 38-year old Ogden man has been found guilty of Domestic Abuse Assault and Child Endangerment charges by a Boone County jury. A release from the Boone County Attorney’s office says the jury verdict against Brian Eugene Ingram was announced Wednesday in District Associate Court.  Both counts are Aggravated Misdemeanors and subject to a maximum possible sentence of two (2) years with the Iowa Department of Corrections.  The jury trial commenced on November 8, 2016, with evidence from the victim and witnesses, and finished on November 9, 2016.

Evidence at trial came out that on August 12, 2016, an Ogden Police Officer responded to a residence in the city of Ogden.  At the residence the victim reported that the defendant, Brian Eugene Ingram, pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the victim.  The victim reported that Brian Ingram took two guns and left the house with his minor son.  After tracking Brian Ingram’s phone, officers located Ingram and his minor child around 12:30 a.m. driving on a gravel road.  The two firearms were later seized from a vehicle on a property of a relative of the defendant.  Brian Ingram was arrested for Domestic Abuse Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Child Endangerment.  After the arrest an Officer interviewed Brian Ingram and he denied pointing any gun at the victim.  However, a young child saw Brian Ingram pointing the gun at the victim.  The child said he was scared because earlier that day he saw Brian Ingram put a round in the firearm.

After a day and a half long trial, a Boone County jury found Brian Ingram guilty of Domestic Abuse Assault and Child Endangerment.  Both counts are Aggravated Misdemeanors which carry a maximum sentence of two (2) years for each count.  The Ogden Police Department along with the assistance from the Boone Sheriff’s Office investigated the case.  Matt Speers with the Boone County Attorney’s Office prosecuted the case on behalf of the State.  The defendant was represented by a local attorney.

Sentencing on this case will be determined by the District Associates Judge with input from the prosecution and defense.  The sentencing will be held in the next five to six weeks.

Brian Eugene Ingram, 38 Ogden, IA

Brian Eugene Ingram, 38 Ogden, IA






(contributed article and photo Boone County Attorney’s Office)

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  1. Amber Renae Hammer on Facebook Says:

    Mary Allen

  2. Kerry Wirtz on Facebook Says:

    I am beyond sad and angry:( when our justice system works great but when someone can completely fabricate a story because they wanted their husband out of their life, had been on an online dating site for a while prior and the night they get their husband arrested their new boyfriend sends the night and is seen by witnesses the next morning. So, they make up this story to get him out and to try and ruin his life, to get his children removed from his life, which matter to him more than anything. Instead of saying she wants a divore because she is a narcissist who needs all of the control. I hope everything comes to light and the truth is truly seen, even this article is completely incorrect…….

  3. Nathanial Brown on Facebook Says:

    Not sure what your relation is to either side of this situation but I really don’t think it’s your place to make remarks on social media. Regardless of what may or may not have happened, it’s nobody’s business other than those involved. As far as this article goes, KWBG did their job as journalist, they published the story taking in consideration the information from the hearing.

  4. Kerry Wirtz on Facebook Says:

    I was at the hearing, some of the things in this article were not said or not true. I do know they are only reporting what was given to them and doing their job. It is also my right to say what i have said. The article is out there for everyone to see, so you may think it is no one’s business but let me ask you, if someone was falsely accusing you of something you did not do and it could greatly affect the rest of your life. Would you want people to watch it happen and do nothing to help you? I would pray to god, not. I am one who stays quiet on social media typically, but when i do know the facts of something i can’t just turn my head. I would hope that anyone else would do the same. I appreciate your use of your freedom of speech though as well, as it is your opinion and i respect that.

  5. Nathanial Brown on Facebook Says:

    In the future I’d suggest stating that you know you facts. I just find it a little out of line for people to post things without clarifying that they are familiar with the situation.

  6. Kerry Wirtz on Facebook Says:

    May i ask why you are so concerned with what i personally do or do not do? Do you work for the paper? Or have a direct link to the situation as well? Just curious why you are monitoring my personal right so closely……

  7. Sue Wheeler on Facebook Says:

    Is there a reason you feel both sides of the story shouldn’t be told? This story was been spread all over Boone and Ogden since it happened. Why the sudden interest in what is being said. There are so many things people don’t know about this case. And you feel no one has the right to let it be heard? It really is an injustice when people can make up a story and have you convicted.

  8. Nathanial Brown on Facebook Says:

    I strongly believe both sides of the story should be told, but that is why America has the judicial system. This system gives a chance for both sides of a story to be told, along with evidence that supports both sides. At this point posting to Facebook disagreeing with the results is almost pointless, as the only thing that can change the conviction is an appeal. I am a strong believer in the rights as Americans to voice your opinion, as well as our judicial system. I’m not saying I know the whole story because I wasn’t in the house where this all took place, and I’d assume neither of you were either. The thing to remember is that just because you heard it one way from your brother doesn’t mean it’s the “truth”.

  9. Kerry Wirtz on Facebook Says:

    I for one believe in a fair and just legal system, everything was not told in this instance. Unfortunately things like that do happen, that is why they have the appeal system and a system/advocates for victims wrongfully convicted. I also feel that when an article is clearly one sided the other side has the right to be heard. What i feel is pointless is you commenting on who you think i am as i do not know you and you do not know me. What you also do not know is that what i also know is factual and not hear say. But you wouldn’t know that because we don’t know one another, so i would appreciate your opinion of me to stay out of your mouth. You can private message me your “opinions” of me. I was merely trying to state facts from the other side which were not shared about the case at hand.

  10. Sue Wheeler on Facebook Says:

    Maybe get your facts straight before you post, he is not my brother. See, you assume I heard what happened from Brian and your assumption is wrong. Maybe you shouldn’t throw statements out there you know nothing about. As it may be a great judicial system, not being allowed as witnesses is not justice to the accused. Thanks for the suggestion of an appeal as we already know this is the next step. As I am guessing you are a friend of the the mother or eldest son, it gives you no right to tell us we can’t comment to this article. Just because a statement was given 4-5 hours after the incident and he was convicted doesn’t mean it’s the truth either. Fact is that child wasn’t in danger then, or between the time he left the home with his father or ever.

  11. Nathanial Brown on Facebook Says:

    I wasn’t saying he was your brother, I was addressing that Kerry. It doesn’t matter who I am friends with or not, I’m going to state my opinion as are you. If you feel so strongly about the case being one sided, try writing a letter to the editor of the BNR to get your side of the story out there.

  12. Sue Wheeler on Facebook Says:

    I don’t care who you are or who you know and don’t have a problem with you posting. As I see from your first post you had a problem with Kerry posting to social media and now you are defending your right to comment. We have talked about doing just that, but Kerry still has a right to post to social media whether you think she should have or not.

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